Swarastu Premkrut Sada

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Sanskrit phrase is more than just words; it’s a message of well-wishing, love, and hope. “स्वरस्तु प्रेमकृत् सदा” essentially means “May it always be well with love.” It’s a beautiful expression of goodwill, wishing eternal well-being and love upon the recipient.it’s a symbol of love, positivity, and the belief in the power of well-wishing. By wearing this powerful phrase, you can carry its message of eternal love and well-being with you wherever you go. It’s a fashion statement with a profound purpose, reminding us all to be a source of positivity and love in a world that can always use a little more of both. So, whether you’re a believer in the magic of love or someone who simply appreciates the beauty of spreading kindness, consider adding this t-shirt to your collection and let “स्वरस्तु प्रेमकृत् सदा” be your guiding mantra.

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Maroon, Black, Yellow


36-XS, 38-S, 40-M, 42-L, 44-XL, 46-XXL


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