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आत्मार्थे पृथिवीं त्यजेत्” translates to “For the sake of the self, one should renounce the world.” This quote encourages us to reflect on our priorities and discern what truly matters in our lives. It prompts us to consider the pursuit of self-discovery and inner peace. Unisex cotton t-shirts have become the go-to choice for fashion enthusiasts who value comfort and inclusivity. “आत्मार्थे पृथिवीं त्यजेत्” underlines the connection between self-discovery and sustainability. In our quest to understand our inner selves, we inevitably become more conscious of our actions and their impact on the planet. This quote acts as a reminder that our relationship with the Earth is intertwined with our journey of self-discovery.

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Bottle Green, Maroon, Red, Black, White, Yellow


36-XS, 38-S, 40-M, 42-L, 44-XL, 46-XXL


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